Welcome to Web Diablo!

Web Diablo
A year ago I wrote a HTML 5 game engine and never really get chance to implement all game features I wanted to have, so I decided to publish whatever I have so far.
Please see this video to see how the game looks like.

Press S to cast a Spell. Press W to walk. Click anywhere using mouse to move or to cast a spell. If you don't have keyboard you can click on icons in top left corner of the screen.
Close combat for sorceress is not yet implemented. Also skills are given automatically on lvl-up instead of being able to choose between walking speed, casting speed, different skills or mana regeneration. Saving and loading also is not yet implemented. It is single player only for now.
Game works on any browser supporting HTML5 Canvas.
Hints: don't walk into new area with empty mana.

To start playing: click here
Good luck!

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Thanks to Blizzard for writing such a playable games like Diablo, StarCraft or WarCraft series.